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Sagesse University
coffe academy

MSM Experts are tutoring coffee culture and preparations with Laboratory analysis. This is considered a major power in the Brand equity. Sagesse School of Hospitality is the most respected and most prolific culinary college in Lebanon, recognizes this as the next booming industry. 

In partnership with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, The MSM Coffee Academy offers a range of coffee-making courses from foundational espresso courses to the Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee program which is a Recognized Certification from the Ecohe Hospitaliere de Lausanne. 

The Coffee Academy’s unique facility integrates a state-of the art laboratory setting with a complete set of coffee equipment and classroom facilities all under one roof. Providing each student with programs that are focused, practical, and with emphasis on basic coffee knowledge and skills through personalized trainings, lectures, and hands-on sessions from experts of MSM and a completer certification to succeed in the highly competitive retail specialty coffee market.